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Create multilingual interfaces for your tkinter applications.

tkinter-msgcat leverages Tk's msgcat to provide a per-instance message catalog which holds all the translations, while allowing them to be kept in separate files away from code.

⏬ Installation

tkinter-msgcat requires Python 3.7+

pip install tkinter-msgcat

✨ Getting Started

  1. For storing the translation files I recommend this folder hierarchy:

    project (or src/project) ├── └── msgs ├── ├── hi.msg └── mr.msg

    This layout is recommended by Tcl.

  2. Add some translations in the .msg files, in this case hi.msg:

    tcl ::msgcat::mcset hi "Hello" "नमस्ते"

  3. Create a Tkinter window or instance, technically.

  4. Let's put tkinter-msgcat into action!

    ```python from pathlib import Path from tkmsgcat import *

    msgsdir = Path(file).parent / "msgs" load(msgsdir) locale("hi") get("Hello") # "नमस्ते" 🥳 ```

🤝 Contributing

All contributions are welcome and acknowledged. Please read the contributor's guide.

© License

The code in this project is released under the 3-Clause BSD License.